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Who are we?

BEEnow consists of the administration (Team 8), founding committee and advisors. 

Team 8

Founding Committee

Alicia Ravetto . Brian Bae-Won Koh . Bruce Haglund . David Ogoli . Drake Wauters . Franca Trubiano . Heather Nelson . John Marusich . Mohamad T. Araji . Norbert Lechner . Patricia Andrasik . Rahman Azari . Sophia Duluk  .  Wm. Le Roy



The “Built Environment Education now” (BEEnow) organization operates a voluntary program that certifies and ranks architecture schools in the United States and Canada on their commitment to emphasize and increase the teaching of the most critical part of sustainable design, energy-responsiveness.


Although the initial effort is to certify architecture schools, the focus of BEEnow will widen to include other schools preparing professionals in the building design fields such as planners, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, developers, and builders.


BEEnow  also plans to encourage the formation of allied programs in other nations and blocs.

The Future

Advisory Committee

Ralph DiNola . John E. Fernández  . Thomas R. Fisher  .  Daniel Lemieux  . Keelan Kaiser  . Jaime Van Mourik  .  Donald Watson


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